Project goal
The main objective of the project was to restructure the academic curricula of the Unisinos University graduations, so that the congruent and specific subjects of each course were clear, as well as to make the University's position clearer for students, professors and employees in general.
The project was developed by the company Nola Design, led by Mirela Rosa and professionals from Unisinos.
Project duration:
February, 2018 to January​​​​​​​, 2019.

My role
My role in the project was to make visible the strategies created by the strategic team. This involved all visual design.
● conducting interviews,
● curriculas design,
● workshops design,
● high-fidelity prototyping,
● conducting usability studies, accounting for accessibility, and iterating on designs.

The research and the project
From this context, workshops were held with the professors of each course to categorize the academic activities within these 4 competence groups, identify the forms of learning and certifications. To earn certifications, students must complete certain academic activities, which are also determined by the professors.
Curricula were created based on "trajectories", dividing the subjects into four groups of competences: (1) personal purpose, (2) competences of the future, (3) Area competences and (4) Course competences. The first two groups of disciplines include those that are transversal to all undergraduate courses; the third related to the school they are inserted in (for example, engineering courses have some similar subjects) and the last, are exclusive to that course.
From this context, the image (above) was created to illustrate the trajectory of the student, who goes through these different types of disciplines and at the end can choose whether to follow one of the five trajectories (post-course): internationalization, master's, entrepreneurship, social innovation or something specific to the course.
Images © 2018 Nola Design & Unisinos, all rights reserved.
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